What makes you cry? O.K., I know if you pull out a nose hair with tweezers you will probably shed a tear. But what kind of movie brings tears to your eyes? Unless you tend to view movies from a strictly controlled and objective viewpoint, chances are you experience a variety of emotions when watching a film. Of course, Hollywood knows this and has therefore learned how to manipulate you: they use visuals, words, a soaring soundtrack and many other (more subtle) techniques in order to evoke a certain reaction from you … it’s the business that they’re in.

First and foremost, they want you to believe that what you are seeing on the screen is real or the truth; they might also want to persuade you to adopt a certain viewpoint. So, moviemakers have developed storytelling methods which are constantly being refined in order to to thrill, scare, excite, surprise, convince, enrage (etc.) you and perhaps even bring tears to your eyes, which may be the hardest thing for them to do in a cynical world.


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