tcmunderground Millie spends her days in the Programming department of Turner Classic Movies, where her duties include finding films for the TCM Underground franchise. In her spare time, she likes to write about film and pop culture for "the Internet". She attributes her love for cult classics and foreign films to secret, late night viewings of pay cable and Night Flight as a child, and accidentally seeing the film A Clockwork Orange at a shockingly young age ("like, 8 years old"). She lives in Atlanta, GA.
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Tonight (Friday 10/15) begins the fifth season of our late night cult movie franchise, “TCM Underground.” This feat is pretty near and dear to my heart, as I was put in charge of programming the show when it first started five years ago. As a fan of cult movies, it’s obviously a big dream come […]


TCM is running a mini-marathon of The Dick Cavett Show this morning and afternoon. I'll be tuning in all day because I love seeing people smoking and drinking on the set of any 1970's talk show or game show. It's so decadent!

This might be the most glamorous picture I've ever seen! Bette Davis looks like a villain in a Disney movie or something. And of course, she's got that cigarette.

The Dick Cavett Show is also great for seeing the most amazing 1970's fashions ever. I can't wait to see what Robert Mitchum has picked out.


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