Closing Act: Shelley Winters


TCM’s Summer Under the Stars programming ends on August 31st with a bang featuring a batch of movies starring Shelley Winters. The blond, boozy, ballsy and brash starlet is one of my favorite actresses and on Monday you can watch her ignite the small screen in a number of notable roles, including her Oscar winning turn as a bigoted and abusive mother in A PATCH OF BLUE (1965).

To celebrate Winters’s reign as Summer Under Stars closing act I thought I’d share some of the glamorous vintage advertisements she modeled for early in her career featuring the powerhouse performer selling everything from lipstick to beer. Shelley Winters may have been one of the greatest actors of her generation but much like her costar Barbara Stanwyck in EXECUTIVE SUITE (1954)also airing on TCM this coming Sunday!the streetwise dame wasn’t ashamed to pitch products to her adoring public if it put money in the bank.


Shelley Winters shines in this 1949 ad for Deltah “Simulated” Pearls.


In her first ad for Royal Crown Cola promoting WINCHESTER 73 (1950), Winters tells us “There’s no doubt about it, RC really gives me a big lift after work and play. And I know that RC tastes best because I compared the leading colas and RC won my taste-test hands down.” In the second ad used to promote A PLACE IN THE SUN (1951) she has a similar message for would-be consumers, “When I feel tired when I need a little lift, it’s RC for me every time! And RC tastes best too! A found that out when I chose RC in an impartial taste-test . . . so now I always serve it to my friends!”


This cute ad for Auto Lite Spark Plugs promotes Winters in RAGING TIDE (1951)


In this ad promoting MEET DANNY WILSON (1951) Winters proclaims “My shampoo is Lustre-Cream. Sparkling clean hair means healthy hair. And Lustre-Cream makes it so easy to curl and wave!”


Another ad promotion for RAGING TIDE (1951) but this time Winters is selling lipstick.


In this ad for Rheingold Extra Dry Lager Beer, Winters opens with a joke before pitching her product: “Here’s how you talk to yourself-and make sense! Put your voice on tapeand you get back the real thing every time. The same is true of Rheingoldevery time you ask for it, you enjoy the real beer taste, the pleasant Extra Dryness that’s never bitter, never sweet. No wonder it’s the largest selling beer in New York!”


The only mention of Shelley Winters in this 1957 ad for Chase & Sanborn coffee is at the bottom in teeny tiny print where it says, “Yes, that’s Shelley Winterssee her on Broadway in Girls of Summer—Longacre Theatre.”


Lastly, here’s a great picture of Winters modeling an Aquascutum coat sometime in the 1950s. The British company regularly employed Hollywood stars to sell their products.


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Posted By Ben Martin : August 28, 2015 7:35 pm

These are great. RC Cola is my go to soft drink and the ads have always been my favorite (see Nancy Sinatra on YouTube) — – so to see Madame Winters plugging RC is a real treat. They probably missed an opportunity though. Shelley Winters, now appearing in A Place in the Sun, loves RC. “It’s great outdoors. Take it with you when you go boating!”

Posted By Emgee : August 28, 2015 7:50 pm

“Thanks to this skin creme, men think i’m her sister!” Says Ms Shelley Winters, now appearing in “Lolita”

Posted By Autist : August 28, 2015 7:52 pm

RC was my cola when I was a kid, instead of Coke or Pepsi. I have no idea why!

Posted By Marty : August 28, 2015 9:43 pm

Or how about this…
“Phew, you know hiding from those nasty Nazi’s is hot work. That’s why whenever Mr. Stevens calls “cut” I reach for an RC Cola.”
“Maybe Tony Curtis called me yenta in his last book, but Tony, how many yentas do YOU know that can tell the difference between an AutoLite Spark Plug and a gippo brand?”
“When I worked for Universal in the 50s, they were so cheap, I could only afford cheap costume jewelry, drug store shampoo and RC Cola and Rheingold Beer. So much for glamorous Hollywod!”

Posted By Chris Wuchte : September 1, 2015 7:25 pm

I’m sure Ms Winters spent many a Sunday afternoon changing out the spark plugs on her car with Auto-Lites while knocking back an icy cold Rheingold.

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